32 Gym Thoughst

32 Gym Thoughst

We’ve all been there, right? We’re in the gym, we’re working our amazing butt’s off and I guarantee you that each of us have had at least five of the below thoughts at some point during our gym routine.

These thoughts that you are about to read and then watch on the video below are actual thoughts I’ve either had, I’ve heard while coaching, or have heard from other gym goers myself.

In the video at the bottom, you will see my alter ego Gabby Abbi who is a little bit sassy, a lot cranky, and just needs a bit of coffee… or wine, depending on the time of day. Gabby Abbi sometimes makes appearances on my Instagram as well.



  1. I won’t quit, but I will cuss the entire time
  2. How many squats? How will I sit down to pee?
  3. Well, whoever said a minute wasn’t a long time has never done a plank
  4. Like my gym hair? I haven’t washed it in 3 days
  5. I had to tell somebody I can’t go, I’m going to the gym
  6. Do you ever just grab your own butt because you’re so proud of it?
  7. I’m dead. I’ve died, I’m dead
  8. My pants are falling off. The elastic is shot in these…. Oh, it’s a drawstring
  9. Dead lift form = the bend and snap movement from Legally Blonde
  10. Somebody want to share a bar? You lift one side I’ll lift the other?
  11. Yep, already sweating
  12. Why is everyone so obsessed with burpees
  13. It Burns! This just means I’ll look good naked
  14. My lifting gloves smell like a dead cat
  15. I’m hungry
  16. They didn’t re-rack their weights properly; I’m going to throat punch them
  17. My legs are going to be so sore I’ll be walking like a baby giraffe
  18. 20 min left… that’s 10 minutes twice… 5 minutes 4 times… I can do this
  19. I need my booty fatter and my stomach flatter
  20. Did the coach just say fun things planned? Oh my gosh, we’re going to die.
  21. No, not cheese dip, guac sounds better
  22. Yep, looking good….
  23. Oh wait, that wasn’t me in the mirror
  24. Why is this called the StairMaster? If the stairs were actually moving and taking me somewhere I’d be on an escalator and my butt wouldn’t feel like its sitting on my shoulders
  25. Squat? Oh yeah, no thanks, I thought you said guac
  26. I’m sorry for what I said while I was doing thrusters
  27. What kind of exercises pump up your boobs? I need squats, but for boobs.
  28. Run? Oh, no I’m sorry, I thought you said Rum.
  29. I think my leg fell off over there somewhere
  30. Wow, they had too much pre-workout
  31. Unless Jesus himself walks through that door right over there and tells me to run, I’m not running
  32. Well that was sufficiently horrible. See you tomorrow!

Now you can enjoy the compilation of said thoughts in video form!

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Gym humor can be what gets us through a really tough workout. From women in the weights room and dealing with the meat heads to dealing with cheat meals, these gym funnies are sure to give you a laugh. #gymhumor #womeninthegym #humorousgymmemes #humorousgymthoughts #fitnesshumor
Coach Amber George