I like 10Ks. For some reason 10ks don’t get a lot of love which I honestly think that they should get more. They’re a great distance and 6.2 miles is nothing to poo poo on. I think that 5ks get this weird rep that they’re only for beginner runners or freakishly fast people trying to break a 15 minute 5k.

And then for some reason it seems that people think you’re supposed to go from a 5k straight to a half marathon. 

Which, if you can run a 5k, you can definitely start training for a half marathon. So why not run a 10k race during your half marathon training?

I go into detail on why running a 10k between your first 5k and your first half marathon is a good idea in my eBook From Walker to Marathonerbut for this short post, we’ll keep it simple…

The different running races can be seen as steps of accomplishments.

If your ultimate goal is a marathon or a half marathon, starting with a 5k then a 10k really is a great stair step in moving you towards that big goal.

Plus, if you’re pushing a stroller, which I do for a lot of my runs, a 10k is that pace that distance that borderlines on crazy. Know what I mean, mama?


It’s not like I’ve some some crazy secret that will help you run a sub 30 10k. This advice is straight from this running coach’s mouth of logical advice.

Starting with the Don’ts!

  1. DON’T do your first 5k one weekend, then your first 10k the next weekend. Doubling that distance in a 7 day period can set you up for injury. Races do weird things to your body and they make you more tired.
  2. DON’T start training without a plan and schedule in place. However, be aware of generic training plans because you want to make sure that it lines up with your fitness level. Considering you’ve been running for a bit now, you’ll want something that challenges your abilities without pushing you too far. My eBook (that has the option for a training plan) is a great place to start for your training as it stair steps you to that 10k and beyond!
  3. DON’T compare yourself to others. This is something that I personally have struggled with and I know a lot of other runners that do as well. I don’t know who said it but I heard it once “Comparison is the thief of joy”. That statement is so true. Running can be so fun and so rewarding. If you’re competitive like I am, start competing with yourself. If your mile time is 11:30 for example, then start working towards an 11:25 mile, etc. Do not compare yourself to those running 10 minute miles or less. Small bites! You got this!
Me and my mama after our last 10k 🙂


  1. DO this is my number one DO for every single training. Make sure your running shoes are in good shape. If they are worn out from training for your 5k, then grab another pair. Rule of thumb on shoes is 300-400 miles which sounds like a lot but miles add up quickly!I used to recommend a certain brand of shoes. However, as my experience as a coach has increased, I have learned that each and every person’s foot is different and each person must find a shoe that works for them. Some brands that have solid running shoes are: Brooks, Hoka, Reebok.
  2. DO set a goal for yourself and think outside the box when it comes to your goal. If your goal is time, then use your 5k to base your goal time for you 10k! Considering you’ve already ran a 5k, my suggestion would be to set a time goal. You can base that time goal off of your 5k time.
  3. DO try to find a buddy to go with you. Here’s another place you can think outside the box! You running partner does not have to be human. If you can’t find a friend to go with you, which can definitely be hard, especially trying to sync schedules. At least look for someone that has similar goals to you do. Perhaps another mama on her fitness journey? Think outside the box. You can do this.
  4. DO start thinking about good running clothes. When you run, your body does a lot of rubbing against itself in places you didn’t even know touched. This is especially true as you are starting to dabble in distance running. Just Strong Clothing has absolutely phenomenal clothes. They are not only soft and runner friendly, they’re durable. These workout clothes  will definitely help you keep cool and they’re of the highest quality. Be sure to use AGEORGE10 at checkout!

Run, Run, Run!

Time to hit the road, mama!

As you work your way through this journey and on your way to longer distances, keep in mind that running can be a mental game as well as a physical game and as you’re working your way up in miles, remember to keep your mind focused on your goal.

Like I said, there wasn’t anything super ground breaking in this post, it really is just logical advice. In any case, it seems that we’re always tried to be sold something right? Some crazy concoction on the internet of unicorn hair and olive oil that’ll make you jump higher and run farther.

You’ll never find that here. No nasty drinks. No gimmicks, just facts.

One last piece of info. I do recommend that you run your first 10k locally. Click here to go to USATF to search for races in your area!

Happy Running!

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The natural progression from a 5k is a 10k, right? Well here are seven race tips for training for your first 10k running race.
Coach Amber George