Free fitness apps

Free fitness apps
*Please note that I do not own any of these apps and I do not receive any compensation if you decide that you would like to download them. If you have questions about the app, please reach out to the support team for the respective app.

I had always heard “there’s an app for that”. While that’s a catchy saying, I really didn’t grasp what it meant until I was doing research for this post checking out free fitness apps.

There is quite literally an app for everything. I do mean everything. This morning, I was training one of my clients, who has sadly just gone through a divorce and she was talking about the app that they use where they communicate through that app and their lawyers can communicate with them and swap money.

What the heck? Who knew there was such a thing?

I mean, I am sort of digressing on the subject, I’m actually not.


There are so many apps out there that will grab at your attention and promise these results or those results or it will help you do this or that… Just stop the madness.

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Here are 4 apps that are not only the best, they’re free.

Why am I telling you about free apps when I sell training plans in my store?

Because I want you to be successful no matter what your budget is. My 30 day training plans are super affordable, and these apps compliment those plans.

It’s that simple. If you are looking for a trainer and the first thing they say to you is “I have x y and z package, which one would you like” before ever asking what your goals are…


All that trainer cares about is grabbing your money and making a quick sale.

Look for someone who can provide quality and provide you with results. It’s that simple.

Okay, enough ranting on my peer coaches and trainers, let’s dive into these 4 apps.


Strava is an interesting app. If you’re a runner or if you just run for fun sometimes, it keeps really good track of your runs and distance.

What’s great is if you don’t run and you like to hike and just do outdoor activities, it’s great for keeping track of those as well!

What I don’t like about Strava, is that other people (if you decide to share) can see when you run, your time, etc. To me, that’s totally creepy. Other girls actually really like that because it keeps them accountable.

But for me? That’s a bit much.

However, finding a good app that keeps decent track of your mileage is hard to come by. I’ve had two apps running at the same time on many runs to check out how accurate the apps are and the apps have been as far apart as 4/10 of a mile.

Dumb, right? Well, Strava does a really good job about being accurate with the mileage and if you so desire, you can share your running or other outdoor shenanigans with your friends ?

Below are some screen shots of Strava for you. You can check out the Strava website here


Love FitBod. I don’t normally recommend free workouts as you can see from this post over here. I always recommend customized plans from a trainer first, followed by a more generic plan made by a trainer. Sometimes there simply isn’t any extra in the budget to buy from a trainer, right? So what’s a girl to do?

Start with FitBod. Their workouts and training plans are about as customized as you can get on a free budget and their plans are made by certified professionals. Obviously, if you choose to go forward with FitBod, you’re doing so at your own risk. However, they’re definitely worth a check out if you’re wanting to spice up your routine and you can’t swing something else right now.

Check out the FitBod website here.

Top 4 Free Fitness Apps | Stay On Track to Your Goals With These Free Apps


Over the past several months, I have been incorporating some yoga into my client’s routines for at least one day every week. The reason for this is that it has really helped my clients learn to relax and rest their bodies and let them recover while still getting in some good activity.

This app is free to download and you get some of the features, but if you want more than just the free features, it is $5.99 a month to access everything.

But don’t stress, you can still get access to some great routines on the free version.

Yoga has some amazing benefits to it.

Story time:

Growing up, I was a dancer and was insanely flexible. We danced, but we also stretched for long periods of time and we did it at the beginning and the end of classes.

This was because we wanted to prepare our muscles for the dancing; then to recover the muscles from working out.

This kept those muscles long, well rested and relaxed.

Our dancing skills and our muscle definition increased and improved faster with these methods because the rest and recovery is just as important as the actual workout – or in this case, the dance.

When I put more yoga into my routine, I realized the benefits and then when I put it in with my client’s routines, their results went quicker as well.

So, grab this free app and if you so desire, grab the pro version. It’s a great way to focus on recovering those muscles from your weight training while still getting in some good activity.

Daily Yoga – Workout and Fitness

Top 4 Free Fitness Apps | Stay On Track to Your Goals With These Free Apps


At the very core of healthy living is food. Reaching specific fitness goals may require you to track your food. Which is where having a great app comes in.

I’ll be honest, I’m not religious about keeping track because it can be a bit of work, and I’ve eaten well for so long I am a pretty good guesser on portion sizes.

However, I do make a habit out of throwing things in the app and making sure that I’m close to my baseline to be able to maintain.

While you can reach fitness goals by proper intuitive eating, counting calories could get you there faster! If you’re trying to lose weight, you can check out one of my most popular posts for how to count calories to lose weight here. This post goes into detail about how to properly periodize your diet to reach your weight loss goals.

You can visit MyFitnessPal here.

Top 4 Free Fitness Apps | Stay On Track to Your Goals With These Free Apps

Remember that saying that nothing is free?

Well, it’s actually sort of true. While these apps are free money wise, they do require space on your phone, etc. Plus, for the pro versions, a few might require payment.

You’ll probably notice that I didn’t put some crazy long list together of 14 different apps that all basically do the same thing. These four apps are each unique and accomplish very different things.

They cover the basics of staying healthy and fit. Outdoor activity, gym training, restful movement, and keeping track of your food and what you eat.

Strava will handle outdoor activities such as running, cycling, hiking, etc. It tells you how far you’ve gone, etc.

Fitbod gives you a bit of a shake up in your normal gym routine by giving you some exercises and workouts to do that you may or may not have thought to pair together and give you better results.

Yoga – Workout and Fitness gives you a calming routine and helps you restore and relax those muscles and your mind so that you can be prepared for your daily life and activities. It’s an amazing way to de-stress and this app guides you through routines to do just that.

MyFitnessPal – helps you keep track of your food and making sure that you’re eating not only the right amount of food, but making sure that you’re on target in regards to eating real food. Sometimes we don’t realize what we eat and seeing it in front of us helps.


Please, for the love of kettlebells do NOT just go download a free random workout that you find somewhere on the internet without checking the credentials first.

You don’t know who made that workout, you don’t know if they’re qualified. Not only that, they may not have your best interest at heart and if they don’t know what they’re doing, you don’t want to end up getting hurt all for the sake of a quick “easy and free” fix.

Here’s a hint – if you see on the internet a fix that is“quick, easy and free”, it probably won’t work. That is unfortunately the reality of life. But you know what? The best things in life aren’t free. The best things in life are the things you’ve worked hard for and finally achieve.

So get out there and go get it.

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Free fitness apps are a dime a dozen. So which ones do you choose? Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, here are the best health and wellness apps that you can download right to your phones for free that cover all spectrum of healthy living from outdoor activities, gym time, eating, and relaxation. #freefitnessapps #fitnessapps


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