Let’s get one thing out of the way really fast… I am not a fan of no shave November. For myself that is. My guess is that you aren’t a fan of the no shave business if you’re reading this post looking for smooth legs tips; so we’re both in good company.

I mean, I hate for the hair on my legs to be grown out. First of all, I feel gross, second, it catches on my pants, and third, I don’t like for my legs to look like there are shiny speckles all over my them.

Let’s walk further down this road of best friend material. When my legs are not properly shaved, I actually feel kinda bad about myself and dirty.

So! These 5 steps can be done about once a week. You definitely don’t want to do it every time because, well. You just don’t. Who has time for that? When you have your weekly scrub and smooth legs session, coupled with your leg days at the gym your legs will be bomb.

Isn’t that what the kids say now? I’m not exactly sure, I’m 30 now, sooooooo for all intensive purposes I am no longer cool and am old.

Anyway! Let’s move ahead. Smooth legs.


Eh? What’s a dry brush? I’m so glad you asked. I have been dry brushing my legs and even my arms and other parts of my body for awhile and I love it. It sluffs off the dry skin and it prepares my legs for shaving. I take this small brush and I make long straight strokes up towards my heart.


For my lower legs, I start at my ankle and brush up towards my heart. It can actually increase blood flow as well, so we want that blood flow increasing towards your heart.

After completing my lower legs, I move to my upper legs and then my arms, etc. After that, I’m ready to hop in the shower!


This one is the most obvious I’m sure, but let me give you a little bit of a tip. I have found for me that the more blades the better and the sharper the better.

*Y’all. I know you know this, but I have to say it. Be careful when you’re shaving okay? There are some girls that I know that have gotten quite an injury from shaving because they weren’t paying attention. So. Proceed at your own risk, mkay? And pay attention to what you’re doing*

Okay! Glad that’s over.

I don’t use the ‘pink razors’ anymore; I use ‘dude’ razors. Why? Because they work better. They just do. There have been plenty a brand of razor in my shower and the best one that I have found is the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power Men’s Razor.

What made me try it? Well, I got it for free to be honest as a random Christmas gift and I’m so glad I did!

Grab some shaving cream. Don’t be cheap like me. When I have shaving cream, I don’t miss as many spots on my leg as when I just use soap.


After you have shaved, it’s time to scrub. Using a natural sugar scrub using upward circular motions, completely scrub your legs and if you’re feeling feisty, your arms, belly, and everywhere else!


Repeat the shave. This step is optional actually, but it does work because it will help remove anymore dead skin that came up from the scrub.


3 words. Baby Oil Gel. This is the icing on the cake of this process. I’m talking like, the amazing homemade buttercream icing. That’s what this is for your legs in this process.

Plus! Bonus- it’s not expensive. At all. You absolutely do not need a $30 (or more) body butter to have smooth legs. You just don’t. Spend that $30 getting your nails done or something because the Baby Oil Gel is like. $4.

When you turn off the shower, before you dry off, yes, before! Spread the gel all over everywhere and then pat dry. Your skin will only soak up so much of the baby oil gel, so you will pat off the excess and voila! You’re done!

I’m sure you’re probably thinking I’m crazy

With five steps to the smoothest legs ever, but it’s not like I do it every time I get in the shower or even every time I shave!

This process really is something you can do once a week and you really will enjoy the results.

Plus! I’m not trying to sell you some random product you’ve never heard of before that will cost you a month of your income.

Okay, maybe that was dramatic, but still, hear my point here.

All of these things that you need are right on Amazon and you can grab them by clicking below and you will literally spend about $35 for all of it. The brush, the razor, some shaving cream, and the gel. Not bad!

Now! Off you go, enjoy your silky smooth legs. You will be petting your legs all day. It’s a fact. Just don’t do it in public. Well, actually yeah. Pet your legs in public. Own your weirdness. 🙂


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No shave November is NOT in my vocabulary. I shave 3-4 times per week and I am picky that they are smooth and have no bumps or razor burns. Here is my five step secrets for how to get the smoothest legs ever!