We all like free, right? I mean who doesn’t like free?? Pinterest is awesome in that you can hop on there, type a few words in and with a little bit of technology magic, you are now staring at a world of recipes, home décor ideas, hilarious pictures of cats and dogs, and people claiming to be fitness experts.

The last one is the one that I’m going to spend time on today. There is a legitimate danger in just using a random infographic Pin for your workouts. Unless you know for an absolute fact that the person who created said graphic knows exactly what they’re talking about and they have the credentials to prove it.

I know, I’m probably ruffling some feathers,

But you know what? It’s what I do best. I’m snarky and I can cause a bit of trouble because of my sometimes highly forceful opinions.

While I don’t think that everything that is free on the internet is bad, (I mean, I give away free stuff all of the time!) I do believe that before you use any of it, you should check out the source and make sure that the person who created said freebie is legit.

Because, let’s be honest. Your weird neighbor down the street who only comes out at night to get their mail could very well have created the workout plan you did this morning.

Scary, huh?

So! Let’s talk through this. How to avoid the dangers of random workouts and finding someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

Finding the Right Trainer Tip #1 – Check the Credentials

Like I said, anybody can make an infographic and post it to Pinterest which to be completely honest, is what happens often!

Literally anyone can grab a software, throw some exercises on a pin and post it claiming that it will “help you lose weight!” or “run a sub 30 5k with this method!”.

The big thing here is do they know what they’re talking about? Do they have the proper training to be able to safely tell you what kind of workouts will help you reach your goals?

Always check out the about me page of a website and see what kind of credentials are held by the person running the site. Check them out! See if they’re legit. If they aren’t, click the ‘x’ button and get out of that website.

Your health and goals are too important to trust it to someone who has no idea what they’re talking about!

Also, you have to like the personality of your trainer. Do some research on them. Check out their About Me page. Look at their Instagram. If you don’t have anything in common with them or you don’t like their message, then move on to someone else!


If you feel like you can connect with them, you believe that you can get behind their message and it’s something you want to be a part of, then dive in and go for it!

Get Rid of the Free Workout Plan | Tips to Finding the Right Trainer

Finding the Right Trainer Tip #2 – Ensure affordability

Having a legitimate workout regimen made by a professional can be affordable. You shouldn’t have to take out a small loan to have a quality workout routine that you know will bring you results.

Will it cost more than $20? Yep. It will. Unless it’s on sale! 30 day programs will vary in price depending on the depth of the program, etc.

The more certifications and credentials they have, the more you will probably pay. However, that doesn’t mean that your bank account should be hurting.

 Here’s an example:

90% of the training I provide is provided face to face. I create custom workouts for my clients based on their goals and needs and help them achieve results.

I meet with them in the gym for their session and they pay me for my services and time.

However, not everyone can afford that, so that is why I created instant downloadable plans.

In my training store, a 30 day Instant Download is $50 & 10% of that will go to a program called Meals for Mozi which is a feeding program for hungry kids in Mozambique Africa.

That instant download program is a 30 day program that I have created that will help you switch up your gym routine, burn high amounts of calories, and move you closer to your goals.

For $50, that’s a great deal! I’ve seen many programs like this go for well over $75 and some even over $100.

The point is this: make sure that it is affordable. You DON’T have to pay out of the nose to have a workout plan that will give you results.

Get Rid of the Free Workout Plan | Tips to Finding the Right Trainer

Finding the Right Trainer Tip #3 – Make sure it’s right for you

You have your fitness goals just like I have my fitness goals and we have to choose a gym program and a running program that is right for each of us.

If we don’t keep things spicy in the gym then not only will the gym become boring, we will plateau in our goals and get discouraged.

For instance, in the 30 day plans for the gym that I have in my shop, you do not do the same workout circuit more than twice in a month. This is because it keeps your body guessing to what you’re doing!

However, if you’re training for a half marathon, the gym is probably not where you want to spend most of your time. You need to be on your feet and running most of the time!

That’s what I mean by making sure it’s right for you. Make sure that the workout regimen that you are choosing lines up with your goals.

I really cannot stress enough

The importance of making sure that the person who created the workout plan you’re looking into knows what they’re talking about. Obviously there are always risks that come with exercise and the sort, but those are minimized when you know for a fact that the person creating your workouts knows what they’re talking about

Knowing that they’ve been through the process and they’ve passed the exam(s) to even further confirm the competence.

Remember what I said about choosing a trainer that you can get behind their message? Remember this when you’re searching for a trainer. If you haven’t looked into their message and you can’t figure out the person behind the screen, then I suggest you look somewhere else.


If you know that the person behind the screen stands for something bigger than they are and that they truly do have your best interest at heart, my bet would be that you have a winner.

Again, you don’t have to sell your soul to reach your fitness goals. You don’t have to drink crazy drinks and fork out loads of cash. Spend a little bit of money each month investing in your health, eat real food along the way and you’ll be crushing your fitness goals in no time.

So. All that to say, for the love of dumbbells, please do not just use any random workout that you see on Pinterest. Make sure what you’re doing is put together by someone who knows what they’re doing and you’ll be all set.

Now. I’ve got a gift for you. I completely understand not being certain about spending money on a plan from someone you don’t personally know. I get it for sure. Remember how I said to check the source? Well, if you’d like you can check my credentials here.

Then, if you’d like to check out the style of workouts that I create, you can throw in your email below and I will send you a free week (5 days, 2 rest days) of workouts. This will let you know if you like the style and if you do, then you can go grab an Instant download in the store.

Go crush your goals. You are the magic pill that you’ve been waiting on.

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Get Rid of the Free Workout Plan | Tips to Finding the Right Trainer
Coach Amber George